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Producer of cosmetics

Custom production

Cosmetics Ekochem currently produces about 300 different kinds of surfactant and emulsion cosmetics. We have a modern production, filling and packaging technology. Remaining sufficient production capacity allows us to offer various clients custom production.

Emulsified cosmetics

In the production program we also have facial and body creams and lotions, cleansing lotions, various creams on hands and feet in a whole range of special effects (moisturizing, regenerative, slimming using a range of active ingredients and oils).

Surfactant cosmetics

This area includes liquid soaps, shampoos, normal and two-component foam baths, shower gels and hair gels. For production we use a wide variety of active agents and perfumes domestic and foreign origin.

We also offer cooperation in developing new recipes and designing of new bottles and labels. The products may, depending on a client, be packed in our or supplied packaging.

More detailed information will be provided at a personal meeting or via e-mail, fax or phone.


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