Our own brands

MiraMed zinková emulze

Regenerační zinková emulze, dříve prodávaná pod názvem MiraClean a s etiketou s postavou svalovce, napomáhá regeneraci pokožky těla, rukou po hrubé práci a popraskané kůži na nohách. Dermatologicky testováno.


Miraclean acne cosmetics

Řada 7 produktů je určena pro ošetření problematické pleti se sklonem k akné. Zinek, obsažený v této kosmetice, stimuluje aktivitu enzymů, které pomáhají hojit jizvy a zamezují vzniku akné.



A brand that is used for "household" products. Cleaners, soaps and detergents for floors, bathrooms, kitchens, dishes, etc.


What can we make for you?

Emulsion cosmetics

Skin and body creams and lotions, cleansing lotions, creams for hands and feet in the full range of special effects (moisturizing, regenerating, slimming using a variety of active oils and ingredients).

Sun cosmetics

Sunscreen, suntan lotions, as well as products for skin regeneration after sunbathing for adults and children.

Surfactant cosmetics

Liquid soaps, shampoos, normal and two-component bath foams, shower gels and hair gels. We use a wide range of active substances and perfumes of domestic and foreign origin for production.

We are part of Chemotex family

Thanks to the fact that we are part of the Chemotex family, we can also offer you help with other requirements in the field of industrial chemistry, drugstores and cosmetics. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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